Kinetic Études

Kinetic Études

Rodrigo Pinheiro + Pedro Carneiro

On late 2020 and at the begging of 2021 we recorded two duo sessions. This record is the result of the second session.


Rodrigo Pinheiro, piano
Pedro Carneiro, marimba with quarter tone extension


Recorded by Pedro Carneiro at Orquestra de Câmara Portuguesa (OCP), Algés, Portugal on January 30, 2021
Mixed by Rodrigo Pinheiro and Pedro Carneiro
Mastered by Rodrigo Pinheiro
Cover photo by Bruno Vicente
Inside photo by Nuno Martins
Design by Sofia Faustino
Produced by Phonogram Unit

Release date
April 2, 2021
Phonogram Unit - PU3CD
Disc format