Signs of the Silhouette + Rodrigo Pinheiro

Nu” is the 5th record from Signs of the Silhouette, lead by incredible guitar player Jorge Nuno, the remarkable drummer Joao Paulo Entrezede, and the visual artist Miguel Opes.

Inspired by the book Dune from Frank Herbert, the Portuguese duo invited the amazing Double Bass player Hernani Faustino and the pianist Rodrigo Pinheiro for a long jam session at Namouche, that later on turned into this super limited record of just 100 copies.

Improvisation is still the main ingredient used by the band to create their new opus. But right away, Signs of the Silhouette states clearly that their wall of sound era, so characteristic of their fantastic previous album Spring Grove, is over.

Avant-garde, noise rock, free jazz or ultimate free-rock?


Jorge Nuno (guitar)
Joao Paulo Entrezede (drums)
Hernani Faustino (bass)
Rodrigo Pinheiro (piano)


Produced by Sots
Artwork and concept by Miguel Lopes
Recorded /Mixed/Mastered by Joaquim Monte at Namouce Studios, Lisbon
Assisted by Pedro Silva and Jerome Durand
Bambalam records, 2016 France

Release date
Feb. 13, 2016
Bambalam - 0
Disc format