History of the Lisbon chaplaincy

History of the Lisbon chaplaincy

Gardin + Pinheiro + Lopes

Live concert at the St. Georges Church, Lisbon


Per Gärdin (soprano & alto saxophone)
Pedro Lopes (turntable percussion)
Rodrigo Pinheiro (Fincham pipe organ)


Concert recording at St George's church, Lisbon, sep 29 2013.
Recorded and mastered in Lisbon by Rodrigo Pinheiro
Mixed in Stockholm by Patricio Cabezas
Cover design by Carlos Santos
Production by Ernesto Rodrigues

Release date
April 24, 2017
Creative Sources - CD 432 CD
Disc format


Their concert, captured in this single 43 minute track, has an otherworldly quality. Not so much spiritual, as supernatural, with Gardin's saxophone taking flight with the sound of bird calls, and Pinheiro's organ resounding like the wind carving out caverns. The addition of Lopes' turntable isn't so much sampling as it is percussive and a drone generator. The entire performance is not unlike a futuristic arboretum or sanctuary for robots. A dream Philip K. Dick once had. Highly recommended.

In the hands of Gärdin, Lopes and Pinheiro, the unusual combination of saxophone, church organ and turntable percussion is by no means a gimmick. The Portuguese and Swede test the possibilities of the instruments individually and of the interplay in this line-up. This leads to a long, versatile improvisation that does more than arouse admiration. The music also works on the feeling, radiates a certain melancholy but also a zest for life. History of The Lisbon Chaplaincy is therefore not only an interesting free improvisation record, but also a very nice one.

What Lopes and Pinheiro are doing surprises us at every moment…