Fragments of Always

Fragments of Always

NAU Quartet

First release from NAU Quartet.


José Lencastre (alto sax)
Rodrigo Pinheiro (piano)
Hernâni Faustino (doublebass)
João Lencastre (drums)


Recorded by Luís Candeias at Timbuktu Studio, 18/12/2016
Mixed By DB, mastered by Ary at Toolate Studio.
Artwork by João Pedro Lomelino

Release date
July 2, 2017
FMR Records - FMR
Disc format


Pinheiro and Lencastre chase each other up to the abyss, then let out a final squall of notes. The final track 'Axis Mundi' begins with Lencastre and Pinheiro feeling around the furthest edges, slowly gaining in confidence. Then Faustini, with a simple and effective bass line, shows the way while Joao's percussive prowess colors his brother’s lines and pushes the group to a quick ending.