Recordings, dating from 2010-2011 (Namouche Studios, Lisboa), by a Portuguese trio ended up last year as a CD-release for the Canadian Tour de Bras-label that concentrates on new and improvised music mainly of Canadian origin. I'm glad they made an exception with this charming release.

Cellist Miguel Mira is the veteran of the three. A multi-disciplinary artist who plays jazz and improvised for many years now. Joao Camoes (violin) is classically trained but discovered improvised music after moving to Lisboa. He is involved in numerous initiatives and has also his own projects around (Open Field String Trio, Nuovo Camerata, etc.). Pianist Pinheiro also has a background in classical music before entering improvised territories.

Their eight improvisations on this record are all of a subtle and delicate nature. You have to concentrate while listening to their excursions in order not to miss something. And that is a rewarding experience I can say. The use a wide range of dynamics and intensity. In their own words the music is "focused on the balance between a contrasting counterpoint, polyrhythms and fluid soundscapes". They use extended techniques in a relevant manner, as an integrated part of their musical vocabulary and grammar. Pinheiro is fantastic in pieces like 'Airfall'. But above all it are their intimate musical constructions that impress and are completely convincing. Hope this trio is still around!


João Camões (viola)
Rodrigo Pinheiro (piano)
Miguel Mira (cello)


Produced by earnear, for Tour de Bras
Recorded by Joaquim Monte in 13/12/2010 and 30/01/2011 at Namouche Studios, Lisboa
Mixed and mastered by Rodrigo Pinheiro
Design by Marie-Pierre Morin

Release date
Dec. 20, 2014
Tour de Bras - TB89012cd
Disc format